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Better People, Better Funding, A Better Experience... Trading   successfully   since   2010,   we   are   a   privately   owned   and   funded   specialist   lender   arranging   short   term   business   use   loans   for   both individuals and corporate entities. Our loans are secured on residential and commercial property in England and Wales. As   a   dynamic   and   service   focussed   lender,   we   believe   that   you   should   have   access   to   a   decision   maker   from   the   moment   your   enquiry is   received   until   the   day   that   it   completes.   Our   Team   has   huge   practical   experience   in   all   forms   of   lending   and   will   ensure   your   bridging application receives the care and attention it deserves. We   never   apply   a   “tick-box   mentality”   preferring   to   build   a   close   relationship   so   that   we   can   fully   understand   your   needs   and   deliver   a solution that is individually tailored to your specific needs. Our   lending   operations   are   supported   by   a   leading   London   Law   Firm   with   whom   we   have   an   extremely   close   sixteen   year   working relationship.   Together   we   combine   to   provide   a   unique   proposition   where   robust   due   diligence   is   complimented   by   industry   leading turnaround times. We   offer   funding   on   a   first   and   second   charge   basis   with   loan   amounts   ranging   from   a   minimum   loan   of   £100K   up   to   a   maximum   of £3.0M (more on an exceptional basis) and loan terms from between 3 to 24 months. With   complete   autonomy   on   all   lending   decisions   we   offer   what   we   truly   believe   is   an   industry   leading   service.   We   deliver   consistently   on all funding proposals that we offer so there is little wonder that clients choose to use us again and again. Why not talk to us and experience the difference…
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